Turning A Trailer Into A Home

We have intended for some time to frame and hang the original certificate of ownership on our 1971 Airstream. Today we went to Hobby Lobby to get a precut matte for it and a picture Shawn painted. While we were there I saw this big piece of cork board. I have to confess that I have always wanted a cork board wall to put things on...only I originally planned to do a craft room in it (wainscoting on the bottom with cork on the top). A place to hang a lifetime of "treasures" my children make/bring home from school. While I was staring at the cork board I got this idea. In Minerva, the window in the bedroom area is off center to the gaucho. I want to see if Shawn can rivet the cork board to the wall. It's a very plain cream color and is mostly covered up with the curtains because ... well it's boring.

If he can, we might put up a map on it for us to record our travels. It will certainly allow us to pin up some pictures, making Minerva that much more homey.


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