What We Are Doing Today......A Story In Pictures

****It's the beginning of serious packing time. Yes, we are starting a few days early but we are also doing 95% of the pre-trip house cleaning as well. Here is what our house looks like during the process.

Bins, bins, bins, and more bins...

Fishing out all the spices we might need for 12 days.....
My husband is an excellent cook! Yes, that does mean I am a terrible cook. Something about having the attention span for following directions.....

Just waiting to be placed in their respective baskets.
Baskets & food just littering the table....
80% of the stuff headed for the inside of the truck....excepting one small bag headed for the stream. Ignore the corelle box, it has just come out of the Airstream. It contains the coleman camping dinnerware.
Lastly, a impulse purchase, but a nice decoration for the outside of the Airstream
**For you Fort Fiends, this was on sale at Sears.


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