Airstreaming Dreaming - Weird Style

Every single one of you will laugh when you read this one. I promise as soon as you get to the next paragraph, you will be laughing... out loud. For the past few nights my subconscious has been trying to digest the Christmas trip... according to my dreams. Dreaming that we are at Disney's Hollywood Studios, riding the backlot tour (which wrecked in my dream), still in line at Toy Story Mania and just hanging around Ft Wilderness. So last night I'm not entirely sure what I was trying to digest but it included an Airstream.

I dreamed I was pulling an Airstream with a bike. See I told you, you are laughing right now aren't you? The bike eventually morphed into our truck, or it was a bike with a truck dash and GPS. Then I got into massive argument with one of the sweetest ladies in OKC and after that... Kate Gosselin. I'm not talking a sweet little cat fight. I'm talking foul language and screaming insults all the way. Bad Girls Arguing (check out The Soup for clips). As I am screaming over the in dash blue tooth, I am barely looking at the GPS much less the actual road. I'm swerving from lane to lane on I-40 trying to figure out where my exit is. I finally arrive. At this point I hope that the sweetest lady in OKC realizes I was just joking and then... I wake up. I wake up with a huge headache and feeling drugged.....

As for Kate Gosselin, I tuned in long enough to watch the "Divorce" episode, feel sorry for her children, and hope she get voted off DWTS so I wouldn't have to watch her. In other words, I watched the train wreck....so what she is doing in my dreams I have no idea.

I wonder if it's the prednisone that I finished 3 days ago or the antibiotics that will be in my system for another 4 days??


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