Apparently I Lied... Again

I can explain. You see both Shawn and the kids are off on Monday. So why not head down to Texas a weekend early. That way we won't be rushing home and parking in the dark on Sunday night. I really dislike trying to park Minerva in the driveway at 10pm.

So after getting the go ahead to come down we had to clean a very filthy A/S. I think we had half of the dirt from Fort Wilderness in that trailer. Then there was clothes packing to do, cushions to put the covers back on, a dog to calm down (he just didn't understand we weren't leaving tonight), and a birthday present.

I'll still be sleeping about an inch below Shawn. We haven't had warm enough weather for Shawn to get out there and fix it. That's all I've got folks....goodnight Gracie!


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