Intelli-power Installation.....DONE!

Wow, I have to say that was totally easy! I went from the unit on my desk at 12:15 pm:

To having it completely installed and charging by 2:00pm:

Basically, when the PO added the battery charger to the univolt, he basically attached the positive and ground wires to the back posts, right behind the fuse panel.  I took these off, when down to the depot and got 4 feet of 12-2 wire (the instructions stated that the rating was for 12 to 2 gauge wire).  I attached one end to the positive, one end to the negative/ground from behind the fuse panel, and ran it to the connection on the intellipower unit.  Added the additional ground wire, and that was it!


It looks like you have 12-2 house wiring attached to the converter. Please tell me that you have changed this already. You should install 2-12 guage wire. I have 8AWG wire from the converter to the battery. For 120 volt wiring the house wiring stuff is fine. for 12v wiring, you need to have the huge wire because of the amps that the converter will be pushing. Think about jumper cables for autos.

This wire doesn't actually go to the battery, only to the back of the distribution panel -- this 14 gauge wire is 1.5 feet long and literally connects the intellipower unit to the distribution panel -- all of the existing wire (including the original 8awg wire) from the back of the A/S where the batter is up to the panel is still there and in use.

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