Minerva Has A Honey Do List

Minerva's Honey Do List (2011 January-June Edition) -

  1. Closet/Wardrobe Redo
  2. Renovate Under Kitchen Galley
  3. Replace Converter
  4. Gaucho Trundle Bed
  5. Repairing Bedroom Gaucho (replacing Luan with plywood)
  6. Truck Camper Shell
  7. Bike Storage
  8. Rear Bed (Three cushion or Futon Mattress)
As you can see, we have a lot of things to think about and digest from our first long trip.

Bins & Baskets -
I am going to be up front and honest. The bins & baskets are a blessing and a curse. A blessing because everything stays clean, folded, secure, and are easy for hauling to and from the A/S. After about 3 days, you get really tired of baskets in the pantry. As a matter of fact, the cook eventually took most of the baskets out of the pantry. The bins work excellent in some cases (most overhead cabinets) but they under utilize the space too. However, until Minerva has shaken the last of her loose dust/rust loose the bins stay. The baskets have been banned by the cook... and we don't want to upset the chef.

Closet & Wardrobe-
The wardrobe has only one issue. The rails are still attached for the original broken plastic bins. We are using our modern bins but they are not the correct size. I mostly end up scrapping knuckles and fingers on the rails. We had thought to find bins that fit, but you have to find one with the proper length, width and lip. The closet, well to be honest it's wonderful. Yet with 2 adults and 2 growing children, is hanging the clothes the best use of that space. We found that you could fit the small 3 drawer Sterilite plastic set, the wonder washer, and something on the wheel well cover under the hanging clothes. I read a post on airforums a few weeks back where someone had installed shelving in their much smaller closet. They loved it. We are thinking of doing the same in both the wardrobe and the closet(leaving a small space for hangup clothing).

Gaucho's -
Well I broke the luan under the cushions. I plopped down on one knee a little too hard (while making the bed) and spent the next 7 days sleeping about one inch lower than Shawn. Shawn has decided to replace it with a stronger plywood.

I have to say that the making/unmaking of the bed twice a blessed day is not my favorite thing. We will be looking into adjusting the cushions (original layout or maybe a futon mattress) or my attitude... still undecided at this point.

Shawn is still planning on putting a trundle bed under the front gaucho. The time line has just moved it back a little.

The Under the Galley -
I am not totally sure of exactly what needs to be done there. There are some plumbing issues, some tooling issues, and (I believe) some storage issues. Something was said about a place to store the kitchen mixer.....

The Rest -
I think they are pretty self explanatory. No reasoning behind it.. just needs to happen. I am sure there will be more to come later. However, I had a few moments of clarity. Enjoy them whilst they last!


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