Missing Minerva

Yes, indeed. I am missing Minerva. It's so sad to see her driveway docked... again. I really wasn't ready to come back to the sticks-n-bricks house. I don't care if it was cold. Two days in Minerva is just not enough. This time driveway dock will be for at least 3 weeks(the horror). What will I do when she goes to see Dr. Tom? Who knows how long he will have her? How long does rear end separation take to cure?

On a more serious side, I think I may have gypsy blood in my veins because after about a week, maybe two, I am ready to depart from places unknown again. I can't even seem to put away her bins. I just pack them so they are always ready for departure... Aluminitis? If so... I don't think I want a cure.

The converter is due tomorrow. I should have some pictures for you then....should.


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