A Morning Of Activity

After 3 straight hours of packing, hauling, and adding water, we finally got Minerva out of the driveway. This followed about 2 hours of packing last night. By the way, every time we pull out I think to myself it'd be nice not to have to pull back in. Hmmmm..... Wonder what it's like to have a nice flat drive way?

Nothing much exciting planned for this weekend. It's literally a trip to visit friends. I didn't even bother to pack the camera. So now I'm going to sign off to read on my new birthday present. Shawn got me a kindle. I have been curious about the kindle but reluctant to try it. I know it's more practical for the A/S but I am one of those weird people who actually like holding a book. However, I really like to have a large selection to choose from and it's not practical to bring 300lbs of books every time we travel. See you on the flip side....


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