New Transformer Chair/Bed....

Well, it's certainly not the prettiest thing nor is it the best work that I've done, but our new chair/bed configuration is done from a construction perspective.  Nicki still needs to make the cushions and covers for it, but the hard part is done.

Basically it's a large box that has a sliding front and a flip-top bed platform.  The underneath provides storage (for dogfood at this point), and it allows for an additional seating area for the table (kinda like a mini dinette).

Here it is in it's "closed" configuration (just imagine 10" worth of cushion on top):

And here it is in it's "open" configuration:

Also, I picked up a couple of vintage aluminum spice racks of ebay the other day, and installed those as well (oddly enough our '71 had no original spice racks or anything like that in it *frown* ):


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