Recent Cold-Weather Purchases

So it's cold outside....and I'm just too much of a wuss to get out there and work on the A/S right now, so I've turned my attention to buying and gathering stuff, so that when it does warm up I can get right to it.

1. Intellipower PD 9245C 45 Amp RV Converter/Charger (http://www.bestconverter.com/PD-9245C-45-Amp-RV-ConverterCharger_p_170.html): finally purchased a new converter/charger for our "univolt"...should be in a few days -- just in time for a break in the cold weather this week.

2. ProStor Two Bicycle Floor Stand (http://www.lowes.com/pd_56284-37521-PBS-2R_4294857689_4294937087_): This one is directly from the airforums discussion boards -- a way to take bikes around with is. We have a unique situation in that we have 2 kids and 2 dogs (one of which is a great dane) that travel with us....and our tow vehicle is a truck. This means that no dogs in the vehicle (there's just not enough room) so we have to have the dogs in their crates in the bed of the truck. With the dane's create in the back, there is little to no room for bikes. We thought about another hitch receiver up front so that we could add a bike rack there, but the limited visibility and bugs/debris hitting the bikes was less than desirable. Another option is to get a truck cap (which we're going to anyway) and have a rack/rail system installed. The problems that we came up with initially were a) cost and b) access -- trying to get 4 bikes from up on top of the roof seemed a Herculean task, and c) dirt/debris. After thinking it over, the best and cheapest solution seemed these easy rails, inside of our A/S -- we'll see. If it doesn't work we're only out $30.


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