The Things I've Seen This Morning

Shawn has decided it's time for some serious construction. After all, we have three straight days of warm weather (insert happy dance). This was found in my garage this afternoon. Honestly, the purest in me is a bit sad about it but that tambour door is enough to make a saint curse... loudly. Although I love the tambour look and function, I can understand why so many decide to rip it out. You see how much of it is open. Well that is more than we usually see. It was a most aggravating storage area because of it's odd shape. Let's face it. It's cheaper to sacrifice originality for bed space than buy a new/newer A/S with the required bed space.

Credenza - Gone
Table - Out temporarily. We plan on rehanging this in the same spot. It just won't be under the credenza.
On my agenda... a Black & Decker Scrubber, orange oil, a wall, lots of dirt.... Amazing what you find when you start removing things....
On Shawn's agenda, capping a propane line, painting the bare patch in the floor, building a seat/bench that converts into a bed.
As far as I am aware, he does not plan on destroying the credenza. Or alter anything that would be considered permanent.... Then again, the best laid plans of mice & men...


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