Univolt Not Really A Univolt

The Univolt worked just fine when we bought the trailer. With so much other work to do, Shawn just never bothered to remove it. Besides if it isn't broke don't fix it.. right? So Shawn decided to remove it today in anticipation of replacing it. Here are the pictures of what we found:

A close up just in case you can't see it:
The "internal workings" of our Univolt.

Needless to say it was a bit of surprise. Shawn came inside laughing. Next on the agenda: a replacement for the Univolt that wasn't actually a Univolt.


The original Univolt was more or less just like Shawn found. The difference is that you can eBay the battery charger and get money for it.

Good move to replace the setup. If you are undecided on the replacement, I recommend bestconverter.com.


Pretty sure it hummed. However, we can't remember the last time we actually heard it.

Sadly the battery charger portion stopped charging. Just wish the durn thing hadn't gone out on our Christmas trip..... undo stress on our first long journey! Shawn is currently (right now) checking out bestconverter.com.

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