Weather Permitting... I lied

Weather permitting... I lied when I said Minerva would be driveway docked for the next few months. At least I can admit my faults...right?

I got a call last night from my third child...the one I never had. It's his 5th birthday and he wants his Niknik to come to his party. How can Niknik refuse such sweetness? Yes, I am sure, his real mommy knew I'd be a sucker for this when she had him place the call. Not to worry, I've got a child's birthday coming up in March.... not that I would have missed it anyway.

At first we thought we'd drop the pups off at our boarding facility. However the party time means an extra day boarding. We found that the cost of boarding was more than it would cost to fill up Minerva's propane tanks, haul her down to Texas, and pay for a full hookup rv park. Besides this is one of the reasons we got Minerva to begin with...

So as long as the weather is above freezing (gluttons for punishment) and no winter storms become forecast..... I lied. Sorry.


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