Better Bedroom Business

Get your minds out of the gutter....if you can remember how.

In all the fuss of last week, and there was plenty, I forgot to mention that we finally purchased the 2 inch foam cover for our gaucho coucho. Granted the first night we slept (yes, slept as in sleep) on it wasn't spectacular but that had more to do with not having been in Minerva for a few months. We'd grown unaccustomed to the noises you do and don't hear when your in the Airstream. The second night however was full of blissful undisturbed sleep.... fabulous.

The best part, making the bed takes 1/3 the time it did before. Unmaking the bed about 1/16th the time it did.

The downside, if your planning on having company in your stream... well you might want to put it away. If no company is expected, it just makes the bedroom guacho, in couch mode, more comfy.


??? Pics please! I sleep just fine in our Overlander but the idea of making / unmaking the bed faster has got me interested. How does a foam cover accomplish that?

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow. Basically, with the 2 inch memory foam you can just put the fitted sheet on the foam instead of the mattress. then you can just roll up your foam pad in the morning and return to couch mode. Or you can mold the foam to the couch... granted you still have the sheet to look at. It's much easier than having to make/unmake the bed every morning...

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