New Equipment For The Cleaner

A few months ago we purchased a small Dirt Devil. Basically it was a hand held that "converted" into a regular vacuum. It did an ok job until we added the rugs. At which point you really needed a full size vacuum. My house vacuum is a Kenmore Canister Vac. It's big, powerful, and I love it. Now everyone knows that's just not practical. Then Sear & Kenmore save the day. They came out with this baby:

In this picture it looks like your typical hand held for small jobs.

However, in this one ... not so much. By simply removing one small piece of plastic you get a small vac that attaches to my Kenmore Canister Vac attachments.

Yes, it will even attach to this:

I took it out last night with the above attachment and I can honestly say, that you couldn't tell I hadn't used the bigger vac. Granted we will have to see how it does with repeated usage... but it looks good so far.

** Sadly, I am not getting paid for this by anyone. It was not given to my by anyone. I purchased the machine with my own money.


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