Pre-Wiring For TV Mount Installation

I forgot to blog these this weekend. In my defense I had a birthday party full of boys to attend on Sunday and a baby quilt to finish by tonight. Any way....

We decided to mount the TV in the back of Minerva. That way if we had a rainy day and Shawn needed to work the kids & I could amuse ourselves without bothering him too much. Or if we needed to watch the weather and the kids are asleep. It would also be out of sight out of mind.

Shawn used a blank face plate to cover the hole where the cable came out before. He then ran it down to come out below the 12 volt plug. He actually got a new face plate for the 12 volt and just enlarged the hole to fit. Sadly they did not have the proper color cover for the cable at Home Depot. We may get lucky in the future and find it.
He then ran the cable across the floor towards the fridge where there is a gap large enough to fit the cable. He then ran it up the cabinet wall, thru the upper kitchen cabinets, and into the bedroom upper cabinet. This cabinet already had one of the original speakers for the trailer in it (which isn't plugged up right now..nor likely to ever be), so it's use is limited to smaller items. As you can see in the picture below, he decided to add a switch. Our antenna is still operational and we have added a cable connection. Shawn decided instead of having to worry about having two cables, we'd just have the switch.

From the switch it runs down to where we plan on mounting the TV. The mount is due today.

As for my next project, well as soon as I am released from my husband imposed ban of the sewing machine, I plan on redoing the bedroom curtains to match the front curtains. Then I will finally redo the back gaucho in denim fabric. No, I am not rushing that part.


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