So Tell Me...

So can someone tell me:

what the outside of my A/S looks like, what grass looks like, what my TV(tow vehicle..I am well aware of what the television looks like...too much so) looks like, what does asphalt look like, what the sky looks like w/o snow falling down, what warmth is, what is it like to not have to "convince" the dogs to go outside for their business, and finally how to open the front door and actually walk out of it.

It snowed, lightly, again this morning. There is a 70% chance of snow this afternoon, 30% chance on Saturday, 40% chance on Sunday, 30% chance on Tuesday. Some of you might say that other than the 70 the others are pretty low. Well my answer be so was the 70% chance two days ago... as a matter of fact they were barely mentioning it. The models for Tuesday can't decide how bad it wants to be...but there is speculation...that's not too promising.

We (beeing Shawn) basically have a one day window to get out and get groceries. Our road doesn't look like anyone has driven on it yet... of course they have, but it's still a winter wonderland. If this sounds a bit whiny.... well I have been inside since last Thursday. I may or may not be suffering from cabin fever.... I wish I were in Sunny Somewhere... On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful, Margaritaville....Two Pina colada land....

I'll stop now. Before you decide I'm too depressing...I've been inside so long I could take about 4 naps a day.


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