So one of the nice things about our double/double layout (rather than the double/twin/twin) is that we have a nice-sized wardrobe -- but the original was basically for full-length hanging clothes.  After a quite a few short trips a few longer ones, we immediately realized that we just aren't those people (you know, the ones with lots of stuff that actually needs to be hung), so we decided to update it a bit.

The original plan was to simply get some sort of ready-made adjustable closet unit (like Closetmaid,  or Rubbermaid) but the particleboard/mdf ones seem like a lot of weight, and the wire ones just seemed, I dunno, not befitting of an A/S (plus I imagine that those tracks would be interesting on a curved rear wall). So, having had a lot of extra lumber sitting around and a few days of sunny weather, I decided to just gut it, and throw in some shelves:

Here's the obligatory in process picture:


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