Better Bedroom Business - Per Request

As per request and due to a minuscule (sub-microscopic really) amount of guilt for a possible bus/tire/Sasquatch incident, we have the new nightly bed conversion. One very ugly, soon to be re-upholstered gaucho coucho without the foam topper (removed just for this picture).

After returning the foam to the couch, I fold it in half and put the fitted sheet on the upper side.

Then I pull out the couch and convert the "original" cushions into bed mode.
Then I flop the top side over and finish putting on the fitted sheet. The bed is now laid out and partially made. Now anyone familiar with this type of bed will also know how difficult it is to tuck your sheets, blankets, and/or quilts under. Well, not anymore! You just lay them out, pick up the bottom edge of the topper and tuck them under. Start to finish it takes less than 5 minutes a night and no crawling over the bed, tugging on gaucho foam slabs, jamming fingers into walls/rivets/etc, or bending fingernails back.

In the morning you can leave the bottom sheet on then make the bed look like a curvy couch(company mode). This does mean folding blankets & quilts then storing them away.

Or you can just roll them up (non-comapny mode?), which is how we store it for travel.

It may not be the prettiest of options but we sleep better and making/unmaking the bed drives me a little less crazy. It also helps to block that "slight" draft that you experience on a windy night. One side note, if you plan on getting a topper buy it a few weeks early so the smell can air out.... particularly if you are like me and have a strong sense of smell.


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