Beware The Mess - What Happens When You Empty Out Your Airstream

This week has been a combination of unpacking, packing, sorting, purging, and organizing. We unpacked Minerva completely before we took her into Dr. Tom for her rear end separation surgery. At the same time I began packing household items. Since I can't pack without purging unwanted items it has been a huge undertaking. However, this process keeps us somewhat light in the possession dept.

This cabinet was full of craft/quilting supplies exactly a week ago.
The only thing left from the quilting supplies are the supplies contained below. The craft cabinet now holds more of Minerva's belonging.
Here we have some new baskets for the kids to use for socks & etc, some smaller bins for those things that can't be put in the built in shower closet in Minerva, and random items that needed to be relocated and reassigned.
The same area as of Thursday when we brought in the gaucho/chair cushions.
The bookcase, that held books before Tuesday, now holds more Minerva belongings. Before the books were packed we couldn't actually see the dining room table (except for a small space for the kids breakfast)as that's where all this stuff was.
Yes, that is indeed 4 pairs of hiking shoes and an aging cattle dog.

Mineva was taken into Griffths Rv yesterday. We expect to have her back within two weeks. In the intervening time we have more packing, purging, sorting, and organizing to do. Not to mention finding a way to make this house habitable until we get her back. The clutter is an awesome sight to behold.


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