Coming Soon.....The Battle Of The Umbilical Cord

Shawn had to go to Walmart Sunday to pick up some food and during his journey through the store he found a new umbilical cord attachments on sale. Naturally, he decided to tackle the task. Since he had spent many an hour reworking the old A/S wires to fit our "New" ford truck, he thought it would be a breeze. He was mistaken, then confused, then angry, then sleepy. He will be telling all about it in a new post.

On a similar note, we discovered that our breakaway switch doesn't actually work. When leaving my in-laws we somehow pulled the cable out... guess what the brakes didn't engage. When working on the umbilical cord Shawn discovered why. We think the switch is original. It was most assuredly rusted out, and the wiring may or may not be connected. We have ordered a new one, which is due to arrive tomorrow.


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