Well Hell....

Oh my ever loving #%$*#@ and @#$$!%# not to mention !@#@%*$! What a trying morning it has been! Although, to be fair I should start with the last trip. The one that ended with the most perfect parking job to ever happen in our drive way. It was a thing of ease and beauty. Let me just say there is a price to pay for perfection and we paid it this morning.

The day started with the last minute packing, loading the dogs, loading the bikes into the truck, getting the truck on the ramps, and hitching up the stream. Pretty effortless.

Here is the point where I remind you about our drive way. If you look from our garage to the street you are looking at a tree, a curve and a curb. If you, (are 5 foot 7 inches) look from the bottom of the driveway toward the house, you see the bottom 1/4 of the garage door. Added to that you are also standing in a concrete dip for drainage. Did I mention Minerva fits in the driveway why a mere 3 feet?

Now back to this morning. The perfect parking job ends with the truck almost jackknifed in the drive, so naturally this creates a problem with getting Minerva out of the driveway again. With the ramps, you can't exactly hitch up jackknifed. So a mere 45, yes I said 45, minutes later we finally got out of the driveway. I quit counting the times we had to back up and pull forward. Basically we had to get Minerva's rear 6 feet into the grass and almost hit a curb with the truck. At one point Shawn was so frustrated he wanted to put the ramp on the curb and just drive over it. Calmer minds prevailed...ie, ramp girl refused!

At least now we are on the road.... I need a nap!


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