It Happened Twice Last Night

It happened twice last night. I awoke from sleep and couldn't figure out where I was. Where was the brown blur of the closet/wardrobe? Where was the yellow blur of the curtain? Why is there so much space around me? After about 30 seconds of confusion (the first time), I remembered we were not in the Airstream anymore and the big plain blur I was looking at was my bedroom wall. The big white blur was the door with light seeping around it. The second time it only took a second but then I remembered the first time. My eyes just felt certain there should be brown there.....

Now for a bed update. I am quite happy to report that the foam topper is wonderful. We slept great and it turned making/unmaking the bed into a dream job(around a minute to complete). I completely forgot the stress of the bed and it really turned the trip into something more enjoyable!


I'm not even in an RV and I woke up last night wondering where I was. I went through every bedroom I ever had and then I figured it out!

I honestly kept thinking if I just close my eyes again there would be brown. That's why it took so long...

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