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We hope to have many long trips this year. Thus far though, we have only been setup for short trips. Anything over a week and our storage system starts to break down. To be fair our system largely revolves around bins. The bins make it easier and quicker to pack and unpack the trailer but aren't too practical for the longer trips. You do get tired of taking lids off bins to retrieve everything. So we are sorting out the things we really need for a long trip and where to put them. Everything from the coffee machine to the sewing machine have to be taken into consideration. By the way, baskets or bins in the pantry really, really don't work.

Shawn's closet remodel has eliminated the need for all but small baskets for socks & etc. Not to mention it has made clothes management much easier. The difference between hanging clothes (pre-remodel) and shelves (post remodel) is amazing. I even have a space for the dirty clothes which has been a problem ... now if I could just find a laundry basket that fits.

Our front gaucho no longer has guide rails or the drawers under it. Due to this situation, we have barely used this space thus far. Eventually Shawn is planning on adding guides back but until/even then we we will need long, flat, and not too wide containers for the kids to place their toys and personal items in. We also plan on using some of it for linen storage. This will help free up some bedroom overhead and some bathroom storage space. Once again I need to find something that fits. I actually need two different sizes as the ends slots are shorter due to the curve of the trailer. I'm afraid this will have to be covered bins to keep dirt out of them.... yes, I might have a wee bin addiction.

The telly gets strapped down to the new chair bed and the extra quilts will be placed under this here as well.

The coffee machine, sewing machine, and craft supplies will be stored under the bedroom desk. I have limited the materials to what's needed for one quilt.

I have decided to move the plates, bowls, and saucers from the upper cabinet into the pantry. Then I'll put the plastic glasses and mugs in the upper cabinet. We finally purchased a silverware tray and a flat bin to carry them in. They had been traveling all jumbled together in a bin 10 time too big.

Still to be solved:
  1. The vacuum wand
  2. dog food (this depends on many things)
  3. carefully picking out a few homey things to take on the trips
  4. outdoor paraphernalia (blue boy, hiking gear, etc)
That's just the list so far.....


You sound like you have been having so much fun. I was comparing your solutions, as a part-time camper on the road, with our solutions as full-timers on the road, before my DH died. Very different. Also, Airstream trailer vs. 5th wheel, of course differences.

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