So Sad :(

Our trip is over. We are headed back to that stick and brick house and I for one am not ready to go back. Back to school, road construction, and Minerva's date with Dr Tom (Griffth's RV) for her separation h issue. The saddest part is we don't know how long she will be in the shop. Our camping season could be on hold for over a month depending on Dr. Tom's schedule.

I will have pictures to post of the end of the trip. I just haven't bothered to download them to the computer. There wasn't much point since the last few days were spent at the grandparents where our cell phones don't work much less the internet access!


How well I remember that feeling every summer when it was time to go back down the road to school and home and "regular" life! The best thing about retiring was realizing I could spend *all* my time on the road!

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