Spring Break Days 2 & 3

On Sunday morning we hitched up and moved into Texas. We spent 48 hours at Vineyards campground in Grapevine. The first afternoon was spent in shopping at Grapevine Mills which is a huge outlet mall (Disney Store). After too many hours (more than one falls into this category) of walking around the 5 "neighborhoods" inside the mall we headed back to Minerva and to view the campground. Later on we had the epic TAC phone call and it was nice to hear the voices that belong to the names!

During our stay we saw 5 airstreams and one Avion in residence.

On the nature trail (took 15 minutes to walk the trail and back) we spotted some beautiful redbuds.

Here is our aged girl enjoying her native Texas.

Here we have the dogs enjoying the stream. Despite the hours they spend in crates, they get so very excited when they see the packing begin.

We call this double trouble... but only when both ears are back. It's just trouble for one ear and love bug when he's normal. And yes, his ears do that naturally. He likes to peak around the curtain, into the kitchen, while one of us is trying to dress in the bedroom.

On day three, after the laundry, we headed off to Bass Pro Shop to look for hiking boots for the kids and some hiking shorts for me. We then came home to do the Nature Trail (start breaking in our hiking shoes), a bike ride, and take the dogs for a walk around the entire camp ground. Then it was home for some Shawn hamburgers and much needed sleep.


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