Umbilical Pains...

So this weekend I was strolling through Wallyworld to get RV toilet paper and happen upon a standard umbilical connector set on clearance and decided to get it.  Pretty straight forward stuff here, as I've already had to put on a new connector on the truck side (when we first bought it, it originally had the small 1" wide round connector, and our TV had the larger 1 1/2" connector common nowadays).  Anyway, after the nightmare of trying to figure everything out the first time (the color codes are swapped on two of the wires in the 70's)  this time should be a piece of cake......but I was so wrong!

I took off the original connector on the A/S (which according to some on airforums is actually made of magnesium, but my original one sure looked and felt like plastic to me) and pulled out all of the wires.  Immediately, I was confronted with 3 full sets of white wires (i.e. the ground) -- WTF???  Anyway, not sure if this was P/O or something done at the factory, it was totally confusing to me (I would later discover that there was some sort of in-line protector put on the charge line -- the blue one -- but they didn't have any blue wire laying around to keep it consistent) and really slowed things down.

After removing the original male-end of the cord, I attached the new male-end per the original color-coding done on my truck -- simple enough.  I then connected it to the new female end, and basically connected each color to the corresponding color.....again, simple enough.  After getting everything as it should be, I connected it all up, cranked the truck and checked everything.  I was so happy, until I realized that something wasn't quite right, and that the backup lights were blinking with the turn indicators!  After disassembling everything again, and looking through it all, I realized my mistake and tried it again, and again, and again.  Eventually everything stopped working except the running lights, so I called it a night and went inside.

The next day, it dawned on me that there were two white ground wires stacked on top of each other in the original plug, so I went outside and still....nothing.  At this point I'm really getting pissed, so I put on my old troubleshooting hat on and approached it like I would a technical or development issue at work.  Starting from the top down (in this case the truck) I would go through each and every system and link until I figured out what was broken.  Multimeter in hand, I cranked the truck, put a lead on the ground and the other on the left turn location, and.........nothing!  After this epiphany, I dug into the glovebox and procured a rarely opened manual, and set my eyes on the power distribution panel, and located a blown 20amp fuse -- off to Pepboys!  Replaced the blown fuse, and suddenly everything worked!!!!  One thing of note, I did discover why our truck wasn't charging the A/S battery while towing -- apparently we neglected to add the relay and fuse to the panel for the factory-installed tow package!

On a different note, here is the picture of the finished wardrobe:


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