The Journey

You know, I don't write much here outside of simply posting the occasional rant about plumbing or something specific about the restoration of our beloved trailer....but now that it's "done" and we're about to embark on this scary and seemingly wonderful journey, I suppose I should at least document what is going on mentally.  Speaking for myself, I'm scared of what is to come, as the thought of pseudo full-timing in a smallish A/S with two kids and a rather large dog would assuredly have us committed in the majority of your collective minds.  But, having said that, I'm content in knowing that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that we would be foolish to not do it while we can.

I know of a few people who had the chance to travel when they were just starting out in their "adult" life, and I have always been envious of them...not being shackled by the constraints of family or career responsibilities. Inversely, I know of too many people who waited until later in life to develop wanderlust and travel about, but were too old to truly enjoy it. Since I can't go back to my post college days, since I'm not currently old enough to retire, and have yet to win the damn lottery, I suppose I should try and do what we can when we can, and not look back.

So here we are, on the proverbial cusp of the next big journey in our lives, and I'm feeling a bit retrospective and philosophical all at the same time. This week, my wife and I will be celebrating our 11 year anniversary, and literally 4 weeks to the day afterwards, we will be leaving our sticks and bricks house for the foreseeable future to travel around this great country. We are taking our bright, shining kids out of public school into the "fringes" of home schoolers (which can be a bit frightening in it's own right), and planing on neighboring with truckers and retired people in big diesel-pushers (no offense if you fall into either of those two camps)!

For those of you who aren't aware of that we're doing, since I work from home and can do my job as long as I have a cellphone and internet access, I can basically do my job anywhere.  My wife dosen't work, and this allows us to pull something like this off -- even if it sounds crazy and irresponsible to most. But here's the thing -- every since initially moving away from my "home" state (Texas) a number of years ago, we moved every 2 years on the dot.....because we've just gotten sick of the area, or the people, or the climate, or anything else we can blame it on.  But, if we're being honest to everyone (including ourselves), we just like to move.  Every year, the list of crap we haul around gets smaller and smaller, and we seem to be happier and happier.  My wife seems to think that our inner gypsies have manifested themselves in our Airstream, but I'm not so sure. I think it's just the wanderlust calling, drawing us out and about to see what there is to see.  I'm reminded by a quote from ol' Wally himself that pretty much sums up what are plans are, and why:

"No one can fail to appreciate the benefits of this experience, and I am dead certain that in the years ahead more young parents will discover the advantages of supplementing children's formal education with this kind of travel experience. I don't mean that Eastern Airlines or the Sante Fe Railroad are going to be driven into bankruptcy by all the people buying trailers; for limited purposes there will always be other ways to go. But there isn't any way of seeing a country as thoroughly as you can see it by trailer, and there is going to be a steadily increasing number of people who will discover this and take to the roads in trailers."

So, digressing yet again, in 4 weeks, we head down to Texas to become "virtual Texans" and move over our residency there, and then will head out to the Pacific Northwest by way of the midwest and upper plains (having never been to Montana, Washington or Oregon, this should be quite fun) this summer, and then back tracking to the days of my youth in the 4 corners region this fall (when the temperatures are tolerable). Our homeschool curriculum has been bought, delivered and packed, and we are finishing up the movement of essential/important items into storage.  The kids are conflicted with what is to come -- they are truly excited about the prospect of getting to see, smell, touch and hear with their own bodies the things that they read about in their books...but at the same time are hesitant of leaving behind their peers and a sizable about on their "junk" behind.

Oh well...enough with the ranting, I'm sure that there will be plenty more in the future.


This will be an easy statement to make....

Don't look back. A house can always be had, but an adventure in life like this can only be made.

Hey Wally, Eastern Airlines is gone. Was that your fault?

When you're ready to teach the kids the Rock Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, and Amish country...make sure you let us know. We've got a nice view from any part of our yard and there's 30A and water, you can dump gray anywhere, and well, black...yeah you can dump that here too although you might want to do that over the hill.

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