Primping Minerva

Shawn has been primping Minerva's exterior for the camping season by retouching her paint and adding some stickers.

There was also one small interior addition. Our sink cover's were ORIGINAL and in not so great shape. We bought two cutting boards from Wal-Mart and Shawn cut them down with the table saw to make some all new sink covers.


It's always interesting to see the differences in just a few model years...your sink is in a different place than ours (ours is '74). I was going to offer some spare 1/2" and 1" outside belting, but I see yours doesn't use those sizes like ours does!

I hope you don't mind if I'm a little jealous, thinking about you going out on the road. BTW, did I send you the invitation to Hexagon Alley? I just checked and I don't think Nicki is on the list of contributors. That might be because I can't find an e-mail address, though you left the join comment in February. Sorry!

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