Shade... Oh Wonderful & Blessed Shade

Our sweet Minerva had one massive flaw. Well that is one other than the floor rot, the faded upholstery, the separation H, the bad tires.... you get the point. I should have said Minerva still has one massive flaw. No awnings. Nope not a single one.

Where is a family to sit? Our son is as pale as a lily, both dogs are a tad sensitive to heat/sun, and I require a certain amount of shading as well. This has caused us to spend a bit more time inside Minerva. Luckily for us, Shawn found the ebay store that goes with this website:

She just happened to have an awning the exact size he was looking for. Now we have an awning on the way. Sadly, we won't be able to try it out for another 4 weeks (driveway not conductive to getting everything fitted/installed correctly). However, Shawn and I will have a child free week in order to figure it out.

Four weeks till departure to Texas and five weeks until we rescue the grandparents from our kids annual week visit to hit the road.

You know the best part....don't you? I DIDN'T HAVE TO SEW THE (insert as many curse words of your choosing) THING!!!!!!! YIPEE!!! HURRAY!!


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