Sorry About the Lack Of Posts

Sorry about the lack of posts, it's been a crazy week. Shawn has been doing some primping and small construction on Minerva (wheel well covers under the galley). I have slacked off. I found a new obsession in book format (it's rare this happens but boy when it does...) and I've read 8 full length novels in the past 2 weeks.

Then again we also boxed up another pickup truck load of things for the storage shed. We've gotten (I hope) the clothes down to what will fit in everyone's designated shelves in Minerva. The winter clothes have been stored in ziplock bags and taken to storage. The closets are EMPTY!!

We've sorted, thrown out, donated, boxed up, or packed the toys (for the trip). The book shelves are empty of books (filled with minerva stuff) but the e-readers are loaded with favorites.

Drake is confused. Usually when I start carrying things out of the house he knows it's time for a trip...but this time no trip. He works himself into a state and then can't figure out why we don't leave.

Well..... we can't take Minerva out even if we wanted too. We can barely get our truck out of the neighborhood right now much less the trailer. I'll try to get a picture of the road but they demolished the road at the entrance of the neighborhood down to the dirt. They created a temporary ramp. It's about a 45 degree drop with a hole at the bottom. You can feel the passenger side wheels drop into the hole. Thank goodness we have a truck since I would hate to have a low riding car driving over it! I just hope they've finished it by June 1st!

Now back to my obsession.. I've earned it today!!


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