17 Days but Who's Counting?

I think 99.1% of the house packing is done. Yes, the fiestaware is packed... and I sure miss those bright colors. Although, truthfully the corelle is easier to clean and I'm not as worried about breaking it. Also gone is the last of my treadle sewing machines... wah...wah...wah!! Funny the things you think you'll miss.. but really won't! There will probably be one or two more boxes but most of the remaining contents of the house will be transferred directly to Minerva.

The only furniture left in the house:
beds (although the frames will be going to storage next week)
bedside tables (also scheduled for next week)
Living room tv and stand (the bedroom tv is actually the Minerva tv)
love seat
dining table (next week)
fridge (two weeks away)
washer/dryer (two weeks away)

We've also started working on "the last little things" of moving and in this case, long trips. The changing of the address, moving insurance coverage to the proper state, picking up child and dog medical records... etc, etc, etc. Oh, and lets not forget planning the actual trip. So far I've gotten as far as Livingston, where we will become Texas residents again.

***Minerva will retain her OK-42 TAC designation. After all for 40 years she's been an Okie, so as long as she is ours, an Okie she will stay. Even if she has to stoop to wearing Texas plates... ah the shame!****

Once Shawn and I get to on the road to Livingston, I'll start looking at the rest of the trip.. I guess. Or maybe in the next few weeks I can start concentrating on planning. Anyone with any good ideas for a Pacific Northwest trip is welcome to leave suggestions in the comment section. We are still deciding if we want to head through the Dakota's or Colorado. Montana, Seattle, Portland, Wyoming and Yellowstone are on the agenda with a possible side trip in to Canada. The return trip may swing us back through California and the four corners region but that is so far off right now.


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