Almost Ready

Not a lot of Airstream work going on this week but quite a bit of house work. This will be the 4th time since 2005 that we've packed up our worldly belongings. Twice we have moved half way across the country. Always we've had a specific destination in mind... not so much this time. Nor do we know exactly when or where we'll stop.

This has made for some very interesting packing. Usually you just pack it all away knowing that it's no big deal. Everything gets unpacked when you get to your new house. This time we've had to really think about what to pack and when to pack it. To make it more interesting, when we first bought Minerva we intended on using her for weekend trips up to 2 week trips only. With this goal in mind we completely kitted her out (kitchen, bath, sheets etc).

Now that we are planning on spending at least 3 months (probably much longer) in her we've had to think about what from our daily life we just couldn't live without because they just aren't all gonna fit? Which plates to take (corelle vs fiesta)? Which pots to take(house vs RV)? Do we really need the kitchen aid mixer and/or espresso machine? No to the first, yes to the second. Sleeping bags or sheets/blankets for the kids? Is there really room for a portable sewing machine? Do I really need a sewing machine? Yes...that's my answer and I'm sticking to it! How many clothes do we need?

This made house packing much more labor and time intensive. There were very few "easy" items to pack. Mostly it was a slow process of figuring out how many times you might use it, deciding if it's size/weight was too large, and if you had a place to put it. The closets were the worst! Ever try getting clothes for 4 people down to one wardrobe and two overhead bins in an airstream!! Thank goodness she's vintage and has big, big, big compartments. We have not started packing Minerva yet and realize we may have to cut down the clothes more or give up some luxury item space else where for clothes. The kids had to get their toys down to 1.5 bins each under the front gaucho. It was a painful process for Shawn and I... very painful.

Luckily I think most of the thinking stuff is done. Now it's down to the large, heavy or awkward items. Today we took two loads down to the storage shed. The dressers from our son's room and our room. We also took the sofa down and some random boxes. Next will be my remaining treadle machine, the bookcases, and the Fiestaware(I'm gonna miss the pretty colors). Since we have 23 days before we leave, we will soon be packing the trailer as well. Who knows what will end up in storage because the trailer is full?

My inner gypsy is kicking in and she's excited. However, there is a certain amount of disbelief that we are actually going to get to live this dream. I'm refusing to think about if we'll be on the road for three months or three years because we just don't have the answer. I've had to give up expectations, concrete planning, and a certain amount of control. It's time to start living in the moment, only planning in a vague sort of way (very hard for me!)... yep, the gypsy blood has started flowing!


your welcome to come to maryland. If shawn revamps my website you can suck some juice from the house....

Frank.....I'll totally re-do your website! I'll shoot you an email about it -- just tell me what you want!

Maryland is definitely on the list of places to visit as we've only seen the inside of the airport (at break neck speed due to flight delays). However, I promised Shawn, after he agreed to a Walt Disney World christmas last year that the next long trip would start somewhere west of the Oklahoma. Since he did TWO trips to WDW last year.. I have to keep my word. You'll also notice that we don't have any Disney trips planned until the end of 2012.....

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