Are We Really Doing This?

Are we really doing this? I have we totally lost our minds? Holy Mother of all that is not Holy... does that even make sense? Where did I pick up that quote from?

We are worn out, wiped out, and just generally tired out.

Yesterday saw the washer/dryer go to storage. That was both a bummer (there are always dirty clothes) and a hallelujah moment (almost to the move).

We also started the transition of things from the house to Minerva yesterday. Due to a prediction of high temps I had put off moving many things out side. However, I just checked the updated forecast and they dropped the predicted temps about 15 degrees... so as soon as I finish here it's off to pack mule more things to the trailer.

Today, I swear/hope/pray/chant/whatever/insert adjective of your choice, we have made our final trip to the storage shed to deposit household junk. That's right, at this point, it's all just junk. Honestly, nothing else will fit! I was shoving stuff into the dryer and the washer (empty bins). I didn't honestly think we had that much stuff, once again, I was wrong! Hang on to that admission.... it doesn't happen too often! I like to argue with a brick wall or so I've been told...many times.

This morning's fun included the final deep house cleaning. This afternoon, Shawn is going to load up the doggy crates and blue boys into the bed of the truck.

All we will have to do on moving day is:
put bikes in respective places
move all the minerva bed/couches/seats back into the A/S
throw out the trash
collect last minutes items and pack in trailer
go to tire shop to get a new & correct tire installed (yep, that's right)
and then.....

Leave the Sooner State....hmmmm.

Did I mention we were tired? I would like to claim I have lost what's left of my mind....but I'm not certain I had one to begin with. Now.. back to my pack mule duties... Shawn is currently and inconveniently stuck on a 5 hour phone call.

PS. I am rather sick of food not cooked by my personal chef.


Been there and done that. It too shall pass. lol
My only suggestion is once you guys are all packed and ready to go,
only go to the closest state park or nice (with pool) rv park and stay there for 2 nights. That down time is golden and will restore you much
more than you will ever believe.

Have fun.

We are going to follow your advice Missy to the letter. We are headed to Shawn's parents for a few days. There is an RV park in the community where his parents lived and a pool.

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