The First Few Days....

Were to start? Well, Shawn and I are back on the road again. We are headed down to become Texans again. The kids are safely ensconced with their beloved Memaw with much swimming, biking, golf cart riding, and dirt piles in their future.

We had to take the truck into the dealership. Ten minutes from Shawn's parent's house our check engine light came on. We got the trailer set up and headed 45 minutes into the nearest town with a dealership. An oxygen sensor needed replacing. Somehow the rattle that had been driving Shawn nuts was missing too, so he was quite happy.

The first night back in the Steam was frankly... a dream. I've never slept so soundly, without meds, since my kids where born. I was dreading that first night because it's usually one of little sleep while getting accustomed to the Airstream noises and it has been a long time since she' s been out. However, it was last night that got me. My body had finally come out of it's exhaustion enough for my mind to start processing the events of the last two weeks. Every thing I had managed not to think or worry about slammed into my head at about 10:30pm, just prior to my mind shutting down. On the bright side, although I didn't wake up particularly rested, at least my mind is working again. Those two days of sort of resting really helped.

We spent about 3 hours reorganizing the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cabinets last night. I'm sure we will do it again and again until we figure it out what works for us. I've also got a backpack to fill up for things that should have gone into storage and didn't. On the plus side, with the rearranging we emptied out an overhead cabinet and an under the guacho compartment. I am really looking forward to settling into a routine of travel.

As for now, we are headed into the DFW area and I'm getting hungry....


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