Hasta Luego Oklahoma and the Driveway From Hades

In celebration of our final departure from the driveway we hate so bloody much, I decided to snap a few pictures of the process. Sorry I didn't get a more complete documentation but I was manning both the camera and the ramps.

After loading the dogs, the bikes, and the blue boys it's time to back the truck up to the A/S. I have to get Shawn some what lined up to the hitch and then place the trailer ramps behind the truck tires. If you don't do this then the W/D hitch scraps the concrete.

Once we are hitched up, Shawn pulls forward until the truck is off the ramps. I line up the curbside ramp.
Then I have to go fish the street side ramp out from under the trailer.

Now the fun begins. Anybody notice anything wrong with that picture? Minerva is headed for the curb. Today it only took a few turns of back and forward before we managed to get her out of the drive.
It is now time for me to play straighten the ramps. I run around the trailer and truck lining up ramps.

Once we are finally on both ramps, it is time to watch the trailer's bumper. There have been times that I had to have him back up because the ramp wasn't in the correct position for the next picture.

The clearance has gotten much higher since the rear end separation has been fixed. Before the repair, we cleared the concrete by centimeters instead of inches.

The ramp wasn't perfectly centered this time and popped out from under the tire. Luckily, the front tire was already on asphalt by them.

I can breathe now. She's safely out of that driveway for the last time.
Just a gratuitous picture of Minerva and Rose.
Thank you Oklahoma! You are a gorgeous state to live in. You were a pretty good home for two years and in you we found our beautiful silver home! We are grateful for our time within your borders. Hasta Luego!


Sounds like you work well together, great job getting on the road. Enjoy the new lifestyle. Takes guts to make that kind of decision, but guts will also be along with you in your travels.

Oh, did I forget to put in the required argument. We had one each and every time we had to leave that driveway. This morning was no different.

I use the highly refined male technique in those situations.... PULL OUT REAL QUICK AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.

Glad you guys are pursuing your dreams even if you are not coming the the BASH. Please always keep in mind, you have a home in Baltimore if you need.

Arguments are allowed, no damage doesn't require the necessity to make up.
Lack of constant observation and attention (by both) has caused broken window, ripped phone line, cracked fiberglass and messed up roof ladder, No major damage or argument after the fact.

That technique has gotten many a man in hot water! We really wish we could make the bash. We debated it for months. Talked ourselves into it and out of it, but the schedule just didn't allow. But if that invitation stays open for Baltimore, we will come ... eventually. We think next year will be the Northeast trip. So I am hoping there will be a Birthday Bash III.

I think I'll start paying more attention!!

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