Mental Happy Dance - 6 Days To Go

Shawn is now doing a mental happy dance. He's too tired to do a real dance. He's just mowed and edged the yard for the last time with the small electric lawn mower. Let me repeat that. Shawn mowed the yard here for the last time! Interject the happy adjective of your choice.

He also:

flushed out the fresh water tank and the lines
purchased crate pads for the dogs
purchased more tie downs for the bed of the truck
purchased bags for our folding bikes (on sale at camping world)

I washed the freshly cleaned sheets... again after the Dane decided to take a nap on our bed. I also did a bit of last minute packing. Nothing too exciting.

Oh, we took a quick trip down Route 66 this morning. I woke up without an ounce of drive and decided we just needed a drive. We drove out to Arcadia, OK by Pops, The Round (Red) Barn, and a bit further east. Soon one of us will load up the pictures.....


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