Not Much Going On

Not much going on today as it's bloody hot. At least for someone who went from about 75 to 99 degrees in one day. Last night we managed with the windows open but the poor pups needed the A/C today. Since our A/C is as vintage as our unit we haven't been able to leave the trailer for very long in case it fails and the puppies over heat. We tried to deploy the awing but we couldn't get the stakes in the ground. There was layer upon layer of gravel.

So after a morning of dog walking and Airstream spotting, we have been forced to relax. This is truly difficult for Shawn who really can't sit still... at all. Although, after about 4 hours of relaxing, I really can't wait for it to cool down enough to open the windows and get outside!

As for the Airstreams, we have seen a 1970s, door-within-a-door 1960s, and 2005, and a pre-interstate van thing. Maybe later we will walk to the other side of the RV park and see what is over yonder.

Tomorrow we take the trailer and truck in for inspection and if we are extremely lucky, we'll get our drivers licenses too. If we do this early enough then we will head back to the northern part of the state.


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