Some Days

I have decided that some days it's just better not to get out of bed. Today might have been one of those days.

We got up extra early to ensure we were first to arrive at the business that did Truck and Trailer inspections. There were four listed in the downloadable pdf. We entered the address of the most likely candidate and our GPS got us completely lost. Apparently it doesn't like Livingston, TX and took it out on us. We decided to call and get directions at which point we discovered they don't do inspections anymore and couldn't tell us who did. We called the next business on the list and they didn't do them anymore either. At least, they told us where to go.... Soda Lube.. which is the only one who does them in town and NOT listed on the downloadable pdf.

After the inspections were done, which was fun with two dogs to manage, we headed back to the RV park to leave the dogs (boy am I not happy with them right now) and the trailer.

We then headed to the tax assessor's office. By the way, GPS still couldn't find it. This was possibly the most painless part of the process. Then we headed over to the DPS to get the drivers license. Shawn had checked the DPS website to see exactly what we'd need. It said NOTHING about a Birth certificate or Valid Passport. However, when we get there that is exactly what we need along with the Social Security Card, Vehicle Reg, and DL from previous state.

We headed back to the trailer to look for the birth certificates... which we still haven't found, which I know I pulled out to pack in the trailer. I called the DPS office to ask them if we had any options. No can do. At which point I asked if they could pull up our old Texas Licenses to use for the other form of ID. They could... now why didn't I think to ask that before we left their office. We headed back to DPS and got our new TX DLs.

So temporary DL's in hand, we head off to lunch (which was really breakfast too). I can recommend the Onions Rings at the Courthouse Whistle Stop Cafe. Then we head back to the RV site...again.... to hitch up, put on the new plates, pick up mail and get the hell out of Dodge.

Naturally, the mail office is closed for lunch. So I head back to find Shawn frustrated over the license plate stickers. They gave us the wrong type of sticker for a trailer. In Texas your vehicle registration sticker goes on your front window but your trailer registration sticker goes on the trailer plate. She gave us a window sticker for the trailer plate. Now we had to go back to the Tax Assessor's Office for the correct sticker.

Finally the mail was picked up, Minerva was hitched up, and we were paid up. We headed to pickup the correct sticker and leave.

We are now on our way to Burleson. Please let the journey be UNeventful.

PS... I will have, for as long as I'm a Texan or I lose it, a DL with a cold sore on my lip. Isn't life grande?

PSS... We have almost been hit three times today. Twice by a really, really old man driving a new Chrysler. I swear he NEVER saw us. Once by a man who gives a*#holes a bad name. You know the type. He almost backed directly into our truck at high speed (less than 6 inches from the bumper), gets angry when Shawn yells to get him to stop, then opens the door just as our truck gets near his door (trying to get us to hit his truck door and laughs about it (maturity reigns supreme).

PSSS - It was around the low 80's when we left OKC. It's 94 in Livingston with a high humidity. North...North...North... we are heading North for the summer!!


Some days are much certainly better than others; your latest experience was certainly a trying day.

FWIW, our most "interesting" experiences with the Overlander happened in the first year of trailering. Not that I long for some of them to repeat themselves, but it has gotten somewhat dull in the subsequent seven years.


I just remind myself that this was a one time (until we move states... again) thing. I'm just ready to get on to the fun part of the trip!!

Hopefully your travels will wipe out the frustrations caused by the day's experience.
The challenges of DMV, DLM, MVL, or whatever they abbreviate themselves as, seems the majority of employees come from scratch name pools.
I had one come out to verify vin# on car say it is illegal for a handicap person to sit in a vehicle with, a handicap placard, parked in a handicap designated parking space.

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