Three Last Purchases... We Hope

Well we have officially purchased the last three items from our must get list for the trip. A new smaller blue boy and two much smaller dog beds. The original blue boy we bought was a large 30 gallon tank. This was great for weekend trips to the in-laws but not so great if you needed to conserve space. We hauled it down to Disney with us ... just in case we stopped somewhere without full hookups. It was not too practical for quick overnight stays and took up a lot of space in the truck bed. Between it and the dog crates there's not a lot of room left over bicycles, tools, etc. It is also so heavy, when full, that you had to use the hitch to tow it down to the dump station. We decided to try out a much smaller size. We got a 10 gallon tank and are hoping it works better.

Next the dog beds. Both dogs were sleeping on extra large beds. They pretty much own the floor on my side of the bed. It's like a mine field of paws, heads, ears, and legs. As you know, extra large beds take up lots of extra space in a much, much smaller area. On all our trips we have taken at least one of these large beds. They are awkward and we trip over them. Today we bought two beds that are just our dogs size and much smaller. Now, hopefully, all our big purchases are done!!

By the way, Sasha says Hi from her new bed!

Cheeky girl, isn't she?


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