Two Weeks From Today - An Non Airstream Work Post

We are still working away at those last minute details.

Our son came home with a report on his eyesight claiming we needed to get them checked. So we hurriedly added that to the list of to do items.

We had to hunt down the lady from our old insurance agency in Texas. She had moved offices and for us it's not the agent (whom you rarely see) but the people who work for them that really matters. Lucky for Shawn, it only took 2 calls. Now we have two more items to add to our last minute details - get an insurance estimate from an A/S dealer and drop by to see our new agent so they can get pictures.

This morning, after the boys got hair cuts, was spent in more house sorting. I've completely cleaned out all the non-kitchen cabinets. We swapped the kitchen a week or so ago. I'm washing the last of the non-Minerva laundry pile. From today forward, with the exception of the last bit of furniture we will be moving next week, we are only using items that belong in Minerva.

I am not really looking forward to taking down the beds and sleeping so close to the floor. Ever woken up with a sizable dog breathing hot doggy breath in your face? Let's just say it will cause you to go from blissful dreams about a certain scandinavian hunk to instant night terror in about 3 seconds. Heaven help Shawn and I if there is a thunderstorm as he may decide to join us IN the bed since it will be so much more accessible.... but it's only for about a week.

Speaking of Drake, he is massively confused. He knows that packing means it's trip time. He just can't figure out what's taking so long to leave. Every time we start moving things around the house or into the truck he goes into a slight tizzy. He's going to be beside himself when Shawn finally loads the crates into the truck.

We now have two staging areas: the minerva area and the storage area. The big tv and it's stand are now packed up and ready for storage. It's really weird to look at the little Minerva tv in our big living room but here's to hoping there won't be much tv time on the trip.

Since we needed to let Frank know if we would be gong to The Birthday Bash, we realized that we really had to start planning the first six weeks of the trip. We had been trying to figure out a way to attend The Birthday Bash but kept waffling between yes, no, maybe so. Debates were almost fierce. So in order to answer this question we started planning. Sadly The Birthday Bash isn't in our future for this year but next year, Frank..... if ya'll build it we will come. Anyway, we got the rough trip planning to the beginning of July and realized we need to do the trip in the reverse order unless we wanted, inadvertently, to end up at Yellowstone National Park for July 4th. Which would mean large crowds and no reservations... period. Not to mention making sure that other places such as North Dakota and Montana were actually warm enough for us heat tolerant ex-texans-ex-n'easters-ex-okies-new-texans to endure. (What do would you consider yourself if you had moved every 2 years for the past six? Ok, the kids are definitely Texans born if not bred....but Shawn and I?)

I know that for you guys out there looking for a DIY post or those looking for some nice pictures and some trip news, these packing posts are boring. Frankly, I will be so glad when I can post about such exciting things as what campsite we are visiting, if the campsite has a playground/swimming pool/fullhookups, the places we visited, or something else trip related. I am so ready to go. Minerva has been driveway docked since March 20th unless you include the week Dr. Tom at Griffths had her. Including winter, this is the longest time we've gone without a trip. Can anyone say WITHDRAWLS? It will have been 3 months and 8 days since her last trip before she leaves that driveway again.

I will say how happy I am not to have to back into or out of THAT drive again. Luckily the parking job wasn't picture perfect or straight so hitching up and driving out should be easier.... I hope! All I have to say is that I believe the next house will be A/S parking compatible. I dream of circular driveways these days!


Good luck with the insurance estimate from an Airstream dealer. From what I have read, the bulk of those guys don't know much about vintage units.


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