Airstream Talk

We spent a few hours last night talking to a couple in our current RV park. They own a 1966 AS and invited us in to take a gander. Though much of the original interior had been replaced before they bought the trailer, it had been redone nicely. Their trailer was setup for more stationary life as they hadn't moved in 3 years but the original stove and oven where still there as was the bathroom.

When then invited them over to take a peak at our trailer. I was a bit embarrassed at the lack of tidiness but we are currently carrying a huge box, bins that belong under truck seats, and a myriad of things that we haven't bothered to find a home for on the front gaucho. I think I am going to be forced to adopt and adapt my mother's mantra...and it pains me.

"Always make your bed as you never know when someone will stop by." - The woman I have to biologically call mom. (Can someone tell me why someone stopping by would check the state of your bed? I mean, doesn't that just sound wrong?)

"Always keep the Airstream clean as you never know when a fellow Streamer will want to take a peak inside" - my personal adaptation.

We laughed and compared stories for over an hour. We found that we both know how to start a vintage A/C by manually spinning the fan. She drooled over our "bath tub". I enjoyed the nice brightness of her white cabinets.

We'd finally had "The Airstream Talk" I always envisioned and heard other people talk about on Airforums.com.


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