"The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men"

Well....the plans have officially changed... again. We are not headed directly to Kansas after picking the kids up. Instead we are headed to Springfield, MO to the Airstream dealership to get a new A/C installed. Am I sad to say that we are going to replace our 1970's A/C? It's painful. Not the replacing it, no I'm talking about the temps inside the trailer. The fear of going out for more than 30 minutes least the A/C kick off and the dogs get sick.

Yes, it probably needs service. More to the point:
  1. I need to be able start it myself. Shawn has to work some sort of magic to get it started. It's never really worked right or well but we thought it would be ok. We've decided it's not.
  2. We will have to make a few southerly summer trips.
  3. My husand refuses to cook before 8pm due to worry of heating up the trailer .... again. Though I can take the wait, the kids will not be happy about this when we pick them up.
The irony of this situation is that we prefer just opening the vents and running the fan. However, as we learned this week.... sometimes the fan just isn't enough. :(

On a more interesting note Shawn and I visited the RV dealer that had 5 brand spanking new Airstreams. I strangely fell partially in love with the Eddie Bauer edition. It wasn't really workable for our family of 4 & 2 as it didn't have enough storage nor a layout one that I liked. Having said all that, it had a certain something that I really liked.

They had a classic that I really liked the layout of but that the interior of the Classic is Shawn's least favorite. Then there was this Flying Cloud that would have been really nice IF it had the couch instead of the recliners. I don't really want a new A/S but I can't help looking at them. Of course, I do have grey tank envy. I am learning to deal with it. Then again some of those people with grey tanks have storage space envy... it's a trade of, I guess.

In Livingston Shawn talked to someone who had an A/S with solar panels. I could develop a case of solar panel envy... until I check out the price.


I follow your blog and noted you got your new AC in Springfield MO. We live in Kansas City. Our AS is a 62 Safari, 22'. We are going to put an AC in as soon as we figure out exactly what to purchase and exactly were to put it. I would prefer a low profile, since we are only 22'. I hope you don't care if I ask: What kind did you get? Cost breakdown of unit plus installation? Time frame for installation? LOcation on your trailer? Where does the condensation come out? Thanks in advance! Sorry it's so darn hot and humid in MO so early in June. On the plus side, I haven't had a mosquito attack yet! Peggy

We ended up getting a 2 year old (but not used, simply removed from a class-A 2 years ago) Coleman Mach High Efficiency unit from their (i.e. Reliable RV's) warehouse.

Installation was 2 hours (give or take 15 minutes or so), and the grand total (with installation) was $800.01. The unit was $460, which was much cheaper than what we could find for the cash and carry price (the newer similar Coleman unit was quoted at $780, and the Penguin/Dometic low profiles were $950). The condensation simply drips out of the side of the trailer, rather than a drip pan. Today, we actually had to turn it off as it was sooo cold in the trailer. Our location is currently just south of Branson (in Hollister) until Friday, in which we will be heading up to Nebraska. Let us know if that about covers it -- so far (and it's early) we're really happy with unit (especially since it was basically half the cost of a new unit).

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