Branson - Multiple Personality Disorder

After a gargantuan drive, or so it felt, we have arrived at our current destination. We are just a few miles outside of Branson, MO. We are staying at another RVEscapees park and it is lovely, a pleasant mix of shade and sun. Not to mention a far cry from what you get when you drive into Branson. Not to mention clean laundry facilities.

Branson is an interesting mix of a town. You have the historic beauty of the old Downtown Branson. You have several outlet malls... including my two favorite stores (easy spirit/Disney). Then you have an entertainment strip (water parks, go cart race tracks, Shows). There was King Kong, the Titanic Exhibit, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, The Osmonds and yet, several times while driving thru you could spot signs pointing you to State Parks. It almost has multiple personalities. It is also EXPENSIVE. To take a family of 4 to a pet show would cost us (with discount) about $80-90. The nightly shows usually start in price around $30 and go up. I have decided that to really do "The Branson Experience" justice it really needs to be a planned vacation with money saved up. For instance, instead of going to Vegas or Disney plan for Branson instead. Sadly, this visit isn't about vacation as I need that money for my new A/C....

Having said all that the views are spectacular. I really wonder what the area looked like before they had to plan alternate routes to move around the city. There was a traffic jam at 11am today... Sunday on the main drag. You will be driving along a suddenly right in front of you is utter beauty. I have snapped some pictures from the truck but have not uploaded them to the computer just yet.

Today was shopping day for us. We hit two of the malls in town. I needed some travel day shoes, and no this isn't a reason to shoes shop as I am not that big on shoes or shopping. I like shoes for driving that can be slipped off but I don't like hitching up in sandals. My solution. Sadly, the Disney store was just impulse purchasing at its best. I really, really lusted after the cutlery that matched our Mickey Head shaped plates. Yes, I need help. I also picked up the water pitcher too. Feel free to ask me to show it to you when ever we run into each other on the road.

In a few minutes we are headed down to get a look at Ye Olde Town in Hollister. Sometime this week we are head to Bass Pro Shop... and for the life of me I can't figure out why we always go to this store. We don't hunt, fish, boat or camp in a tent. Yet, we hit up the old Bass Pro every so often.


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