The Drive to Custer, SD

So, the relentless raining has followed us from Nebraska to South Dakota.  Rain, rain....please don't go away, just go somewhere that actually "needs" it (like Oklahoma, Texas, etc).  At any rate, we had our own mini-caravan (for a few miles) where we followed another vintage A/S in the rain, until they headed east and we headed west.  Even through the rain, nothing could prepare us for how absolutely beautiful South Dakota and the Black Hills actually are!

We followed this fellow A/S'er for a few miles....unfortunately we were going in oposite directions in the end.

Somewhere along the way... 
Another stretch of highway...

More beautiful countryside.

The entrance to Hot Springs, SD.

Waterfall in Hot Springs.

Some of the various boulders in and around the Black Hills.

More rocks -- beautiful stuff.

Here we are parked, with either a white-tailed or mule deer just behind the trailer.

Picture perfect postcard here in South Dakota!

Just a little camera fun here -- caught a huge honey bee mid-flight in a bush next to our trailer.


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