The Maladjustment of My Mind

I have this weird sensation going on. After barely 2 weeks, I keep expecting that the holiday feeling should wear off. I keep thinking that I should be over the holiday relaxation feeling of this trip, after all this is our life at least for the next 3 - 6 months. Or maybe I expect guilt at being so relaxed to kick in. It's an odd feeling to try to put a name too. Is there such a thing as guilt for enjoying not having too many things to get done that I'd never be able to finish them anyway?

Sometimes I look around my very small domain and wonder what it is I should be doing. Surely there is something. I even make the kids beds every night and unmake them every morning without complaint (so far). This is something my mother would be happy to tell you I NEVER do in a stick house. I don't see the sense in making a bed when I am just going to mess it up again that night. (Scandalous I know... losing my southern hospitality cred, arent' I?) Hell, I almost reheated the left overs we were having for dinner before Shawn kicked me out of the galley. Reminding me pointedly that it was his domain and clearly thinking I'd lost my mind. What was I thinking?


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