North Platte, NE

So we are now in North Platte, NE, which is an interesting place.  Not our original destination, it was where we ended up after the detour to Branson for the air conditioner.  Anyway, North Platte is the home of Buffalo Bill Cody, and his traveling wild west show.  Unfortunately, there has been massive flooding in the area, and a lot of the stuff that we had planned on seeing is either closed to rescheduled (like Nebraskadays).

Massive Wild Bill sign outside of the trading post, currently home to the miniature version of his travelling show.

Miniature show.

Miniature show, continued.

An in-process carving from the miniature show (apparently it took 20,000 hours total to create the entire scene).

Miniature show, continued.

Miniature show, continued.

Too bad it's not an Airstream!

Close up

Buffalo Bill's Ranch/House.

House, continued.

Barn on property.

Old steam engine on display at the Union Pacific museum.

Closeup of the front of the steam engine.

Look how long the engine plus the coal car is...the wife and kids are at the far left!

Newer diesel engine.

Interior of the steam engine.

Interior of the steam engine, continued.

Bathroom facilities in the caboose.

Heating in the caboose.

The mail slots...in this particular configuration, the trail would "catch" bags of mail from hooks while moving, and then an army of men would then sort the mail in the car.

Picture of said men doing their mail-sorting jobs!


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