The Sky Is Falling

Last night it felt and sounded like the sky was falling on our Minerva. We had our first (I think) hail storm last night. It was memorable. It sounded like someone was dropping marbles on our heads. Shawn looked outside and sure enough marble sized hail. You know it's really loud in a Vintage Stream during a hail storm. You can feel the impact of the hail vibrating through the walls. About every 10 seconds a hail stone will hit the metal vent covers and make your ears smart.

Drake, Shawn and I were having a rough night. Drake woke us up at 2am for the first storm and then 3am for the second. The kids slept through the first onslaught of hail but Drake woke them up during the second.

Here is the view outside the trailer this morning. This is about 4 hours after it stopped raining. I really can't imagine what it looked like just after the rain stopped. Shawn reported that the pool water level has risen about 5 inches.
A closeup of the puddle around the truck, I am not going anywhere any time soon unless I wear my wellies. Sadly, due to the pool needing some ph balancing, water around the trailer, and the increasing mosquito population... It looks like an inside day at least until the sun dries up the water and pushes the mozzie population back into hiding.

I am waiting for the phone calls to start. The grandfathers, who are both following our journey on the weather channel, will notify the grandmothers about the hail storm and the phone will start ringing. No, I am not joking. I've already had one call asking what city we had parked in because a tornado had hit in the state. The tornado hit in the exact opposite corner to where we are.


I saw this on a blog, just comments about a rally that happened at the park they were at. If it works and you scroll down you will see very interesting Airstreams, thought you would appreciate these.


Thanks Mickey! There are some pretty streams in that post!

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