Branson, MO

So here are the pics from our adventure in getting to Branson, MO, as well as the outcome of the A/C search (as I'm typing this, I'm actually cold in the back -- I think it's at least 72 here in the back, and around 95 outside!

The view from up front....that obligatory travel shot towing an A/S!

The scenery into the greater Branson area is beautiful...it's a shame that the city is so tacky!

Heading through a tunnel.

Lovely little ice cream shop in downtown Branson.

Some big-assed chicken -- I can only speculate what they're selling in there ;)

Rowdy Beaver???

King Kong comes to Missouri

Not much to say here...

A caboose in downtown Hollister, just south of Branson

Downtown Hollister

Apparently, this week is cicada mating week -- they are everywhere (literally raining from the heavens)!

Ah, the wonder A/C unit.  Yes, we know the shroud is black -- a little fusion will take care of that!

Here we are all set up, happy and COOL!


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