Swapping Locals and Howdies

We have departed from the Branson area. We met a really nice couple who we sincerely hope to meet further down the road. They provided us with some great conversation and then brought some great games to play with the kids. Hi S & B!! We've got some kids waiting to play games with you again.

Last night we overnighted at Weston Bend State Park and it was gorgeous. Sorry I don't have pictures and I mean really sorry. It was gorgeous and we were going to snap some pics on our way out this morning but realized as we were hitching up that the camera battery was dead.

We met another A/S couple camping a few sites down from us. We spent a very pleasant hour touring each other's streams and swapping stories. They had a 80's sovereign in mint condition. After we left, Shawn and I realized we hadn't swapped names... silly isn't that?

We also had an A/S facing our campsite but it arrived just as we were heading off to the showers and we just didn't get a chance to say more than Howdy.

For now we have at least a 6 hour trek, a movie, a nap (or 2), and some reading to our newest destination.

***We forgot to cover the green blinky light last night and it woke us both up several times until we fumbled around to find something to cover it. Naturally I hit my head on the back of the oven in the process. *****

!!!!!!!Last night marked the first time we camped without full hookups or using the blueboys, just electric. Honestly, by the time we visited, showered at the campground facilities (scary), and ate the pre-made sandwiches it was pass out asleep time anyway. Didn't really miss the water and the slinky!!!!!!!!!!


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